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Vice Espresso

The crew at Vice are serious about decent espresso. We are dedicated to instilling this passion into everything we put our name to. From the local cafes we supply, to the shots we extract at our dedicated Espresso bar on Halswell junction Road everything is focused on quality.

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Stewart's Coffee

Stewart’s Coffee was founded by the late Mr T.A. Stewart in 1956. It was the FIRST coffee house in Dunedin and the only one in New Zealand to roast its own beans on the premises. Two of New Zealand’s oldest Probat roasters have been used by Stewart’s since day one. Good old fashioned belts, burners and hard work have produced some of the best coffee around for generations.

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Dessford Tea

Dessford Tea originated back in the 1970s being produced alongside Stewart’s coffee in Dunedin. Over the years we’ve made sure that we haven’t lost touch with our origins. Our tea is imported directly from our growers in Sri Lanka which ensures we only get the best quality raw hand-picked product, it’s then dried and bundled up as it has been for hundreds of years.

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